(SEP 18-19) Sky Island Race

(SEP 18-19) Sky Island Race

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About the Race

On Saturday, the 50k and 25k races start at the historic Indian Lodge and offer challenging climbs and descents on technical terrain. The 25k course is a single loop contained entirely within Davis Mountains State Park. The 50k course runs the entirety of the Davis Mountains State Park trail system with an additional excursion into the Fort Davis National Historic Site.

On Sunday, we chase the sunrise! Chase the Sunrise is a free 3.2 run from Indian Lodge to the lookout shelter at the end of Skyline Drive. The run starts at 7:00 am or you can meet us at the top at 7:30 am. Either way, we'll have coffee and snacks while we watch the sun rise over the West Texas horizon.

WHAT:  Sky Island Race 
​WHEN:  September 18-19, 2021 
Fort Davis, TX

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