Midland Athletic Company

We promote health and wellness in the West Texas community.

Midland Athletic Company is a fitness footwear and apparel store, a perform recovery clinic with functional office space, and an events company that provides elite services for people to be able to perform at their top level in whatever they do.

We have been in business for six years. The expert team at MAC provides an experience second to none. Building a community of fit and healthy partners, newbies to professional athletes, and having fun while doing it is who we are.

Meet the Owners

Midland Athletic Company is locally owned by Martin and Jennifer Vega. They love the fitness and wellness industry, but have a passion for being able to serve the community in West Texas. 

Martin Vega

Martin loves pushing his limits. He has completed multiple 50k runs, two 50 mile runs, a 100K and once did a half-marathon trail run with a 100lb weight vest. He also pushes his limits with biking. He has completed the Triple Threat which consisted of a marathon mountain bike, 100 mile road bike, and half marathon trail run. His programming consists of running, biking, swimming, and crossfit. He also likes to hike as much as he can with his favorite hiking spot being Big Bend National Park. Martin has a heart to serve. He is the college and young professionals Bible class teacher at his Church.

Jennifer Vega

Jen loves a challenge. She is a mom to 3 young boys, so most of her training comes in the form of maintaining her home with structure and chaos. She loves cooking for all her boys (including Martin). Her workouts usually consist of running while pushing all 3 boys in the stroller. Jen recently completed her first post baby race of 25K! Jen has a heart for friendships and clearly communicating truth. She loves a good park date or an opportunity to teach the Bible.

Note from the Vega Family

Thank you for your continued support of our business and family! We love our community and want nothing more than to partner with the people of West Texas to encourage each person to be a healthier form of themselves. We believe in constantly training. We strive to be better each day and challenge each of you to do the same! Let us be an encouragement to the generations before and after us to have discipline. We are what we repeatedly do. Let’s train together!  “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” 1 Tim 4:8



Great local business. They have the inventory and they listen to your needs before recommending product to you. I have been in other businesses that may have inventory but don't understand their products and cannot make any recommendations. Not here, customers service superior. Committed to meeting your needs. Shop local.

Barbara S.

Great customer service and knowledge of running shoes. I wear HOKA's for work, best selection in town.

Mandy S.

Knowledgeable and friendly. They do their best to match you up with a shoe that meets your specific needs. All shoes that they sell are known for being the best. Quality shoes that are worth the price.

Heather R.

Martin will take care of you! I bought some Hokas today that I couldn't find anywhere else. If you are getting into running, go by and give them a shot. Support local!

Dallas D.