Find the perfect fit

We'll help you find the right shoes with the best fit to support top performance and provide utmost comfort in any endeavor!

Our team is knowledgable on all products at the MAC Shop and are trained to provide the best possible fitting experience for our

Our Fitting Process

Step 1

We always kick off with a quick chat all about YOU! What are you training for? Where will you use your shoes most? Do you have any concerns or issues? Through a discussion about your preferences, intended use, training history and goals, we’ll identify some top options for you.


We'll measure your feet for length and width. Using our top of the line 3D foot scanner - Aetrex Albert 2 Pro - you'll go through a quick, 10-second, two-feet-at-once scanning process that will capture accurate, unmatched data about your feet to help find the right shoes or orthotics on the first try.


Based on our discussion and evaluation, we'll grab a few footwear options for you to try on. Feel free to take the shoes for a spin while you browse around the store so you can get a better feel for each pair. Our staff will gladly answer your questions, give you feedback and help you make your choice!