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Meet our coaches

Coaching at Midland Athletic Company offers training in running and weight training for all fitness levels. Our coaches, Abraham Bejil, Stephanie Herrera, and Marina Ornelas have unique strengths, experiences, and education to help you achieve your goals. Whether you aim to run your first 5k, 50 miler, or get stronger to meet the demands of daily life, we have something for you!


We take pride in making completely custom plans for our clients from one-on-one custom running plans, gym plans, or structured work outs with real time data.


  • Creation of a custom plan that is just for you
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Structured workouts with real time data
  • Accountability
  • Access to InBody 770 scanner
  • Discount on Midland Athletic shoes and supplements
  • Discount on all Midland Athletic events

* People coaching is perfect for: First-time runner, marathoner, or High school athlete off-season training

Coaching plans start at $99

Abraham Bejil started running in 2018 and quickly fell in love with ultra marathons. He knew running was transformative for him, but started to notice how it positively impacted many of those around him as well. His coaching specialties include short and long distance running, speed training, and weightlifting. He prides himself on getting people to achieve those obstacles that seem impossible!

Stephanie Herrera has always loved running and fitness. She began to run with a ladies running group who inspired Stephanie to truly activate her athletic potential. She began tackling longer trail runs which not only brought a fun challenge but a huge sense of adventure. Stephanie’s coaching specialties include working with beginners, all distance running and HIIT training. She prides herself on getting people to believe in their capabilities!

Marina Ornelas has been an active runner through middle school. Her fitness journey started with a 5k and, from there, she worked up to completing her first marathon in 2018. She also has a special interest in weightlifting and loves how it changes body composition. Marina’s coaching specialties include beginners, all distance running and strength training. She prides herself on helping her clients not only gain physical strength but mental toughness as well!